Ritambhara Ashram

sakala sahrudaya samvādam

Embodied Experiential Learning

Ritambhara offerings focus on embodied experiential learning processes that involve a blend of ideas rooted in authentic Indic wisdom, and processes inspired by Natya Shastra (classical Indian dance), reflective artwork, and contemplative dialogues.

Know Indic Knowledge Traditions

Get introduced to Indic Knowledge Traditions such as Yoga, itihAsa-purANa, and vAstu shilpa Shastri traditions. Deepen your understanding of how to engage with these traditions from an inside-out perspective.

Discover the Best You Can Be

Ritambhara's offerings enable you to connect with your deepest aspiration for yourself and commit to practices that can enable you to walk the path. And discover a Sangha that you can be part of as you embark on your sacred quest.