Ritambhara Commune

Ritambhara Commune is a non-judgmental online space that can help us listen to ourselves and the others. We meet once in 2 weeks for 6 weeks, sharing and listening to each other and ourselves based on evocation from a story / article / video / art / music. All are welcome to join.


“Manthan is a fortnightly Ritambhara Ashram event to support continued engagement for the past participants of the Difficulty of Being Dharmic lab. As part of the Manthan, dialogues will be organised on the theme of Decolonisation and Indic Wisdom with a focus on specific topics.

The speakers will include Staff, Members or this community and select external speakers by invitation. The space provides a forum for collaboration, exchange of ideas and deepening perspectives. Prior registration is required for the event”.

Next Manthan: 18th June 2023 at 6 PM IST