Introduction to IWTY

The word Yoga usually brings up an image of someone doing asana-pranayama or someone sitting for meditation.āsanā and prāṇāyāmā brings mastery over our body and breath. Meditation happens as a result of the process of preparing the mind and focusing it on a specific object. A key component of Yoga that is often missed out between these two aspects is that of “inner work” i.e. discovering a way in which we can observe the inner workings of our mind and ask the question “In doing what I am doing what am I really doing?”. This is also referred to as antaraṅga sādanā

Inner work begins when we bring attention to our mind and the subsequent subtler layers of our psyche. Through inner work, one gets a deeper understanding of our patterns of behaviour and living. Seen this way, the process of yoga enables us to understand our relationship with self, others, and the world so we may act with honor and live in peace.

This program offers a practical and community approach to inner work that is very much the need of present times. It creates a reflective, non-didactical, dialogic and transformatory space for the facilitators and the participants to engage in inner work. Key ideas from the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, a timeless text of the human psyche, are used as a basis for this process of inner work.

Meeting with a committed group of individuals week after week creates a saṅghā that supports each other to internalise this practice of inner work. It also creates a bonding within and with others and allows one to listen to oneself, others and the context with more clarity.

“As the months passed the process became deeper and began to uncover layers. Previously in situations that were intense and especially where a lot of emotional context with the family was involved I would get really upset and carry that with me for a long time. However with the IWTY process, the power of observation has become stronger and I am able to sometimes watch a situation and hold it for a while. This enables me to see it more clearly and also decide the right course of action.” 

Who Can Join?

The course is open to anyone who is interested in: understanding the patterns of one’s mind and psyche - those that enliven us and deplete us improving one’s relationships with others understanding how one is a part of the problem and can become a part of the solution.

We encourage participants to get into a regular practice of asana and pranayama, prior to joining the program. This program involves self-reflection, self-disclosure & sharing in groups. While the process & facilitation takes care of creating a safe environment to do so, there could be some amount of stress involved for the participant.

If you are undergoing psychiatric treatment/counselling and are considering joining this program, please mention this in the registration form. One of the facilitators will call you to have a conversation to decide if this program would be appropriate for you.

The Process

Contemplative Dialogues
Reflective Art
Authentic, Vulnerable & Joyful Sharing

IWTY-7 Batch Details

Course Start Date: 7th January 2023
End Date: 5th August 2023
Course Duration: 30 Weeks

Day & Time:
Saturdays, 7 AM to 9 AM IST (+5:30 HRS GMT)

Hariprasad Varma & Anoop Rao
(Hari - +91-9966900337
Anoop - +91-9866657897)

Course Fee:
Indian Residents: INR 32,000
International Residents: USD 700

Essential Requirements (Logistical):
- A strong broadband connection
- Join only through a desktop or a laptop
- Video and Audio connected through the time of the program
- Being in a quiet & calm place with no disturbances in the environment around you


Hariprasad Varma

Hari is a Transformational Coach, Yoga Teacher and Facilitator. He is a member of Ritambhara Ashram where he is deeply engaged with the study of Yoga and regularly facilitates Antaranga Yoga offerings.He is the founder of Yogaśāla and Zensei. He is deeply interested in exploring the civilisational heritage of Bharat from a Yogic lens. He has curated numerous yoga retreats across India and abroad and loves to work with individuals who are invested in the idea of personal transformation. He likes to design and curate experiential and self-exploratory journeys that combine yoga, interactive theatre and arts.

Anoop Rao

Anoop is an entrepreneur, a coach and a father of two young boys. He has led successful leadership stints in both the corporate and non-for-profit sectors. On encountering the country's water/farmer crises at close quarters, he decided to take a pause to look at the impact unexamined ideologies and the various 'isms' (capitalism, colonialism, etc.) were having on us as individuals, families, the society and the environment at large. This quest led him to formally engage with traditional Indic knowledge systems and what ​the ​advances in science are informing us - about our physical and mental wellbeing, importance of body and mind work, need for cultivation of family/work/social structures if we have to thrive individually and collectively. Insights, frameworks and processes gleaned from these on-going studies, an anchorage in his own personal practice and his wide-ranging experiences is what Anoop brings to facilitation/coaching spaces in Ritambhara and his ​various ​professional engagements.

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